Ride the Wilds in Pittsburg

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Ride the Wilds is a system of more than 1,000 miles of interconnected trails. It's a great opportunity to take your ATV or UTV and go on a multi-day journey through scenic, breathtaking Coos County, New Hampshire. For just about three full seasons out of the year, this system of trails is open to advanced and intermediate riders. Cardinal Cabins is one of the best locations to stop and refresh for the night. Offering cozy, comfortable, and clean cabin accomodations along the Ride the Wilds trail system, let Cardinal Cabins be your first choice for your next ATV adventure on Ride the Wilds.

Directions to Ride the Wilds from Cardinal Cabins

Cardinal Cabins offers direct Pittsburg Ride the Wilds trail. To get to the Ride the Wilds trail system from Cardinal Cabins:

Below are a couple maps and two GPS files that a guest provided to us for you to download. One is in Garmin native format and the other is in a generic .gpx format. Note: Trails always change throughout the years and even within the season. Always follow trail postings, do not go by maps, and do not rely on GPS.


  This is not a GPS map it is a collection of "tracks" in the area. The files below are basically the trails from the map on the left. These GPS files are provided for personal use only, they are not to be sold or re-distributed - all rights reserved. Use at your own risk!

Pittsburg NH GPS Snowmobile Map in Garmin GPS Format
Garmin Native File

Pittsburg NH GPS Snowmobile Map in Generic GPX GPS Format
Generic GPX File

ATV/UTV Volunteer Organizations

Off Highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) riding is one of the most popular uses of trail in New Hampshire. It takes a lot of volunteers, organizers, landowners and even the State to maintain these sprawling 1,300 miles of path in New Hampshire. Most of these trails - including Ride the Wilds - are open for summertime and fair weather ATV/UTV rides and bicycling. Most of the maintainence of trail conditions comes from local volunteer clubs and organizations. They make sure the trails stay clear and monitor for wear and tear on the environment. Many also take a front role in promoting safety and responsible land use to the community and visitors. As such, they're truly a wealth of knowledge about the Ride the Wilds trail system.

Some trail systems will restrictions on types of Off Highway Recreational Vehicles permitted. Cardinal Cabins has included a light directory of some of those local clubs on the left sidebar for your convenience. Always check with a local volunteer club and the Bureau of Trails before setting out.

NH OHRV Related Publications

The NH Fish & Game's OHRV Dept publishes a regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). These answers include important information about registering your OHRV and what types of roads and trails an ATV is allowed to go.



Local ATV/UTV Clubs

The Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club has a current membership of over 4,400 who come from all over the country to enjoy one of the largest and best maintained trail systems available in the Northeast. Visit their site here.

Local Services

Youngs General Store is about 2 miles north of the cabin on Rt. 3. They have a large selection of goods available as well as gas.

ATV and Ride the Wilds Links

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